Business Guardian is a DLP system. It protects your business from data leaks

BG guards data insight commercial and government organizations, and search for dataleaks in the internet (social networks, sites, forums).

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Business Guardian (BG) is an information security system designed for business companies and state institutions.

Business Guardian is a whole set of DLP software and hardware supposed to control the information traffic within the computer networking systems. The main purpose of this control is to detect and prevent any leakage of private data that circulate in the network. It can be proprietary as well as any other sensible information belonging to the organization or physical person.

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Our system has enormously big capabilities. Get acquainted with them, and you will agree that BG have no proper alternative!

Decoding technologies: Content analysis, Regular Expressions, Vocabulary analysis, Linguistic analysis, Transliteration analysis, Hidden text, Document formats, Data Templates

Controlled data transmission channels: SMTP, ESMTP, Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP4, IBM Lotus Domino, POP3S

Online messengers: OSCAR (ICQ), MSN, AOL AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, IRC, Jabber, XMPP, Агент, Google Talk, Skype, Microsoft Office Communicator, MySpace IM, QIP

Application protocols: HTTP, FTP, FTP over HTTP, FTPS, HTTPS

File Formats: Doc, HTML, PDF, DJV, Архивы (ZIP, RAR, GZ, etc.)

Encapsulation protocols: MPLS, VLAN, QinQ, PPPoE, PPP, GRE, SLL

Peripheral devices control: HDD, USB, COM/LPT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Local Printers

Integrity: API, Proxy Servers, Active Directory

The Business Guardian is highly advantageous and unique DLP system. It has many special facilities, so it will be able to tackle and block even that data leaks, which are completely unnoticed by our competitors'products. And that is the reason why we are always ready to make a comparison between Business Guardianand its existing alternatives. We can test Business Guardian and the competitive products right in your office or your enterprise. So, if BusinessGuardian won't be able to tackle a leakage of data, we will mount our system in your enterprise absolutely for free.

And remember that the main purpose of DLP system is not the only detection, but also a blocking and further prevention of data leakage.

Additionally, it is worthy to mention that ITERANET Company and Business Guardian system have full license set and all the required certificates, which guarantee a 100% security of your firm's classified information.

Have a look at the Business Guardian system's advantages and you will find out that it has a lot of additional services, a big list of supported languages and a short time of implementation. Also you will see that Business Guardian has low requirements for servers and client ends. Additionally, you will notice that this system has different working patterns, such as blocking, working outside the firm's LAN and monitoring.

Besides all these wonderful features the BG system has four interception modes, designed for information capturing, namely network mode, agent mode, integration and disconnection modes. And that isn't not all, the above mentioned functions are only most common, but surely not all that the BG possess!

BG Appliance is a real turnkey solution

BG Appliance perfectly suits small and medium business clients, as well as firms which don't have their own technical staff to ensure information security. The main advantage of this particular version of Business Guardian system is a very easy implementation procedure. Just try and you will assure it!

BG Standard is a product for your information security!

BG Standard is a DLP system, designed especially for small and medium businesses as well as for big business companies (without branch offices). This particular product will suit firms, which have their own IT workers and technical support services. Just show BG Standard to your techsupport and they will like it...

The BG Enterprise is a product designed for branch networks and large corporations

BG Enterprise is developed for state and business organizations, which have a multi-pillar structure or any kind of a branch network. These organizations have already formed their security policy and may dealwith National Security Information. Just choose BG Enterprise and you will see how it will strongly protect your branches from any information leakage...

BG Consulting is an integration of several security systems into one working structure

BG Consulting is a joint of initially separated security systems into well-built single structure. This version of Business Guardian will perfectly suit for the companies, which have renounced usage of DLP systems, developed by the outsourced manufacturers. BG Consulting present some additional extra functions, which are on a stage of development. The BG Consulting DLP system is ideal for companies that preparing for ISO 27000 standard certification. Find more about BG Consulting and find the professional answers to the information security questions...

BG Web Scan - socail networks, sites and forums monitoring

BG Web Scan - efficient way to obtain user information from various sources on the Internet using an automated monitoring. With automatic notification system user won’t miss important events for him: the publication of confidential information in the Internet, negative reviews about the company or brand, information about the activity of the competitive environment . Due to it’s versatility BG Web Scan is a tool for different departaments: Information Security Department, marketing department , PR-services, etc. Learn more about social media and Internet monitoring capabilities