Confidential data protection

Any organization has some data that is important to be protected. This data may be absolutely of different purpose. This may be private data (the clients’ and employees’ one), data about deals a company is planning, new goods and services designing, marketing plans and researches, and others. For industrial enterprises this may be schemes, manufacturing process descriptions, know-how data, and other technical information. As we understand there are a lot of different kinds of data that needs to be protected, and at the same time, there are some information leakage channels similar for most organizations. From the above, we can set the following requirements to a DLP-system:

— main information leakage channels monitoring and blocking
— adaptive settings according to required data types and formats
— 100% processing of data bulk flowing through the system regardless of the data amount

As a solution, the products “BG Standard”, “BG Enterprise” have been designed and the service package “BG Consulting” has been produced within the «Business Guardian» range.


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