Implementation includes:

  • Investigating of the organization telecommunication structure with due regard to Customer’s tasks aimed on preventing sensitive information leakage;
  • Giving recommendations about acquired licenses package and hardware/software configuration;
  • System installation;
  • Customer’s stuff training.

The cost of system implementing does not include the price of the license for the system, which is needed to resolve the customer’s tasks aimed on preventing of sensitive information leakage, and is defined according to the cost of works on an hourly basis . Specialists operating includes investigating, giving recommendations, installation and customer stuff training.

Maintenance includes:

  • Providing consultations concerning system operating;
  • settings recovery;
  • system updating according to the purchased version.

The cost of the maintenance is defined according to number of rights for the program’s components purchased by the customer.

The cost is true to conducting the remote maintenance (without ITERANET specialist-on-site service).

ITERANET specialist-on-site service to perform Customer’s request is paid on an hourly basis (the price does not include transportation expenses).

Consulting services include:

  • adjusting the content analysis rules (rubricator’s structure) and system settings according to IT security policy requirements and other Customer’s requirements document;
  • modernization/adaptation of the system according to the Customer desires.

The cost of consulting services offered by ITERANET specialists is defined on an hourly basis.