Risk management

As is well known, risk management is one of the main tasks assigned during an information security system development. Keeping in mind the importance of information assets for overwhelming majority of organizations, there’s have to conclude that every information security system must minimize all possible risks that can be related to sensitive data storing.

And hence, as an integrated part of information security complex, a DLP system undoubtedly must be able to manage the risks that related to sensitive data leakages. As the losses, resulting from information leaks can be very significant, in some cases the indirect loss can be much bigger than the direct one.

For every business or governmental organization it must be obvious that there’s have to protect its clients’ and personnel’s data as well as the information about the development of new products and services, further economic transactions, and etc. All the losses discrediting the aforementioned information are relatively evident, but not all of the system threats are really related to information leakages.

It worth to mention that long before these days internet have become an important place for development costumers’ views on existing products and services. And one of the ways that helped rivals to lower the competitor’s brand reputation was posting the damaging information reducing the loyalty towards the competitor’s brand as well as its products and services.

And hence, the developers of Business Guardian DLP solutions offer their own conception of information security. This particular system implies not merely creation of secured perimeter area within organization’s office, but also extending the aforementioned perimeter on a space of the World Wide Web. Such a safe and secured perimeter can be developed using BG Standard and BG Enterprise DLP systems. In addition to them, the BG Web Scan module can monitor the internet sources in a real time regime and search all the references and citations of company’s brand, products and services as well as positive or negative reviews.

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