Corporate Reputation Management

As is well known, without a good and sound corporate reputation it is impossible to have an economic success. So, that is why corporate reputation is one of the most valuable intangible assets for both business and governmental organizations. Firstly, the corporate reputation depends on brand image. To make it good and sought-after companies need to involve a lot of professionals working in many divisions.

The range of divisions can be very broad: from sales departments to information security offices. But nevertheless, even ideal brand image can easily be broken, thus the corporate reputation is also a fragile matter. And, in addition it’s worth to mention that creation of good corporate reputation usually takes many years, but however, even the best corporate reputation can be lost in a moment.

So, on the basis of the foregoing there is have to conclude that the reputation loss is the most dangerous threat for every business and government company. Hence, it follows that company‘s reputation must be secured and safeguarded. But how to achieve such a great and significant goal? And what security measures are most effective? So, as it is already known, the best way to protect company‘s reputation is to protect its information system.

Nowadays there are many methods, which help to protect information systems, but the most promising and efficient of them is the implementation of DLP software and hardware suite on company‘s security system.

The principal purpose of every DLP software and hardware complex is to prevent information leakage, which is the main reason of sensitive data disclosure. And, also it’s worth to mention that DLP software and hardware suite is also referred to as DLP system.

Of course, the elimination of reputation risks is not the only purpose for which DLP systems were designed and developed. But however, the elimination of reputation risks is a significant task, which can be successfully solved by using a DLP system.

It is important to emphasize that any sensitive data disclosure and classified information publishing on the web can significantly affect a company‘s image in the eyes of its partners and clients. The same thing can be also attributed to news media stories that dedicated to the incidents related to the company.

It’s easy to guess what investors will think if a bank‘s customer base appears on the web. After that it is possible not only a capital drain, but also appearance of legal claims sued by depositors. These situations have very bad consequences, which usually lead to the long-term problems for business that fell a victim of data disclosure.

In view of the aforesaid it should be noted that as a part of information security system DLP software and hardware suite solves a big number of tasks including reputation risk management. In a line of Business Guardian products there are many DLP systems, which are intended for classified information security and one of them are BG Standard and BG Enterprise.

As is well known, the corporate reputation threats may appear not only because of confidential information leakage. In modern reality the internet became the most popular information source and especially it’s sought-after in search of information about the brands, products, people and services. Now on the internet there is possible to find a lot of subject matter specialists and of course, there are some prominent information leaders among them.

Also in nowadays there are many interest communities on the web as well as specialist forums and other similar web-sites. So that is why the presence of negative reviews about a company, its products, and etc. may corrupt its reputation. It is important to understand that the development of good corporate reputation requires not only continuity, but also additional instruments for information analysis. Using the BG Web Scan analyzing service every client can get the latest information about the appearing of publications, comments and reviews about a company‘s brand, products and services. And, indeed, the user of BG Web Scan gets an opportunity to react on this information efficiently and quickly.