Информационная безопасность операторов связи

The opportunities and advantages that Business Guardian DLP systems can bring the communications service providers

  • The protection of sensitive information belonging the clients and workers of communications services in accordance with all current laws and regulatory acts
  • The protection of marketing and proprietary data from competitors and precocious publication.
  • The prevention of information disclosure, especially, the information about productive facilities, communication hubs and location of basic stations
  • The protection of company’s document management, i. e. information about the deals and partner agreements as well as protection of internal documentation
  • Identification of company workers involved in competitive intelligence or legal malpractices
  • The opportunity to develop company’s safety instructions, subject heading lists and methods of information control.

How do communications service providers can protect their classified information?

Traditionally the telecommunication companies own the tremendous amount of personal data, but as is known, the principal risks of information leak are associated with this particular kind of data. It’s worth to mention that compromise of subscriber data base usually leads to the serious material losses, resulting from subscribers’ leaving for competitor companies. But along with subscribers’ leaving database compromise brings also a reputational loss. Moreover, the reputational loss can be caused by negative comments on the web. Often their publishing is a result of competitors’ scheming or a revenge of dissatisfied workers. For an effective management of possible reputational risks it is necessary not only protect the channels of data leaks, but also regularly monitor the web to estimate the brand loyalty level.

And in conclusion it’s important to note that at one point, the solutions from Business Guardian line are the elements of company’s information security system, but at another point, with the help of BG Web Scan module they allow to back-trace company’s classified data as well as the negative remarks about it’s products or services. In other words, BG Web Scan is a useful instrument not only for data security officers, but also for PR and HR marketing experts.