Small Business

Today’s trend is that not only enterprises but also other market participants face confidential data losses.

According to Iteranet’s analysts, the most recent issues associated with data leaks small and medium-sized companies suffer from have become more significant. Business owners start realizing direct and indirect loss risks associated with inside dealing. It means they understand the importance of preventing the information leakage via main channels but at the same time they try to avoid “hard”, high-cost solutions that demand third parties assistance for implementing them. Due to aims and requirements a DLP-system is designed to shut off the main data leakage channels, moreover, it should be easy to be integrated into the legacy infrastructure and managed by the customer.

For meeting our customers’ requirements we have developed the system, a hardware and software package (containing a software component and a server). This product can be installed by the customer’s own resources (the installation does not take more than 2 to 3 hours, as a rule), and our engineering experts will provide answers to all possible questions if necessary.

Консультация экспертов по безопасности

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