Medium-sized businesses

Keeping in mind the studies Iteranet’s analysts have carried out we have realized that the number of confidential data losses small and medium-sized businesses suffer from is almost the same as enterprises are struck with. The survey results demonstrate that SMB-companies need to protect their business data at the same level as others do. Among the requirements a SMB-company may have to DLP-systems are the following ones:

  •  solution must be compatible with the legacy network infrastructure. That means choosing any DLP-system should not require any additional hardware costs.
  •  solution must be quickly and easily integrated into the legacy network infrastructure. Minimal implementation stage should be performed by the customer’s own resources.
  •  DLP-system must be scalable: in case a company grows – for instance, some new distant units appear – their integration into the company security system should not take a lot of time or allow a downtime occurs.
  •  solution must be simple and easy to be managed. The requirements for technical support should be low enough.
  •  product must provide a quick return on investments for its installation.

These are the requirements we have tried to take into consideration while designing the « ». «BG Standard» is the solution that meets the technical requirements SMB-companies may have, and, at the same time, it is characterized by optimized ownership cost and provides the installation ROI during 6 to 8 months.