Large Business

DLP-systems intended for big businesses have a number of special features. At first, this concerns its capability to operate with geographically-distributed network, processing of high speed traffic and meeting the requirements of current IT security policies.

While forming the system, all existing risks and special features of each company’s structure must be reviewed. DPL-system is a part of measure complex aimed on IT security providing and must meet quite specific requirements. We identified the key requirements for DPL-solution according to the conducted research among our major customers using Business Guardian products:
Tracking of all possible kinds of information leakage: periphery, protected from information leakage through all possible channels, must be created.
The capability of support of the company’s geographically-distributed network: large companies has geographically-distributed structure due to its specifics. It is important for such companies how DPL-solution could cope with their current geographically-distributed network, how convenient it would be for them to control it (single control centre, development of single rules, servers replicating, etc.)


  • The capability of “easy” scaling: in case the company would acquire new offices, they must be quickly connected to the existing IT security system.
  • High speed data processing: big data, transmitted via company’s servers, require quick response of DLP-system while processing data in case of low load on servers.
  • Control of company’s employees carrying-out the requirements of IT security policy and revealing the employees abusing rules. The major DPL-system task is detecting the hazardous employees of the company. The employees can admit both intended information leakage and seepage. Such leakages are possible from protected company’s periphery and home employees PCs (for example, information leakage on forums, social networks, etc.). The customers expect DPL-system would resolve such issues.
  • It is important for all companies to have full archive of events, regarding information leakage. The presence of such archive is quite crucial while investigating the incident of leakage in short period.
  • The capability of controlling reputation risks: such risks may occur during information leakage in open sources or publication of negative comments in Internet about company’s products or services. Considering this aspect, we can note that DPL-system must provide both company’s IT security and brand IT security in whole.


The Business Guardian product line contains solution for big business companies: and .
is a product matching all the major requirements of large companies in field of sensitive data protection, risk controlling, regulators requirements meeting, Internet monitoring of data leakage events and reputation risks for business.

is a service aimed on developing and implementing of the company’s IT security system offered by our specialists. The system is based on Business Guardian product line and may include both fine adjustment of DPL-complex and its modifying according to the given company’s business specifics.