BG Standard

BG Standard is a software package comprising DLP-system functionality and targeted at dataflow inspection in the computer networks in order to detect and prevent private data leakage.

The system provides:

  • Monitoring of data flows transferred by Ethernet network, and by message traffic between workstations.
  • HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and other protocols supervision.
  • Supervision of instant messaging systems protocols (IM-client): OSCAR (ICQ and analogues), MSN, Yahoo,IRC.
  • WebMail supervision (e-mail, transmitted by the open-sources services:,,,etc.).
  • The option of restricting the ingoing and outgoing messages using MS Exchange mail service (enabled).
  • HTTP traffic content inspection on base of hierarchical classifier (rubricator).
  • Content inspection on base of morphology in different languages.
  • Content inspection with synonym dictionaries support.
  • Texts inspection using the deobfuscation (normalizing cloaked with substituted symbols or junk symbolsadded text), words farness options and words order.
  • Mistyped and exact match words search.
  • Objects meta data inspection.
  • The external USB devices usage control with the possibility to restrict its connection.
  • The inspection and restriction of the user actions in case of their authorization in open-sourced Webresources (mail services, social networks, forums, etc.).
  • Data base maintenance concerning facts of corporate security policy violation.
  • The search option in the saved data archive.

The system advantages: 

  • Friendly and simple control interface.
  • It allows analyst to adjust quite complex settings of information classification not using programmingmeans.
  • High efficiency.
  • It allows to process traffic at speed up to 100 Mbit/s in its minimal options modification in the real timemode.
  • Hardware and software scalability.
  • It provides the efficiency enhancement due to the efficient usage of processing capacity and due to theparallel data reduction option.
  • Modular structure.
  • It allows conducting flexible adjustment for the organization current telecommunication infrastructure,functionality enhancement of the given system element. In its turn, each of the system elements havemodular structure, which allows to enhance module functionality in accordance with the Customer’srequirements.
  • Fine-tune of the data processing settings.
  • The adaptation to the security policy system, which is hold in the Customer’s organization, is possible.

Active mode: 

  • It allows selective restricting of mail traffic and authorization attempts on different Web resources due tothe fine-tuned inspection settings by means of checking the account data or meta data.
  • Workstation inspection.
  • It allows inspecting and restricting the usage of the external USB devices using the list of the corporatememory devices and different types of devices.
  • National language support.
  • The information data flow inspection is done in Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese,Vietnamese, Hungarian languages.
  • Reliable architecture.
  • It provides data continuity and integrity, system recovery option in case of its malfunctions and failure.

The system structure 

The following modules are included into the BG Standard system:

  • BG Standard Gate is software intended for extracting the system on the selected Customer’s servers in orderto provide the operation process of the system in whole.
  • BG Standard Client is software intended for installing on PC in order to control the Customer’s employeesactivities.
  • BG Standard Plugin is software intended for installing on the Customer’s current servers in order to inspectand prevent the data leakage processed on them.