BG Enterprise

BG Enterprise is a solution developed on base of Business Guardian Standard and aimed at solving tasksconcerning detecting and preventing of private data leakage in case of a Customer has complex wide areainformation system.

BG Enterprise usage provides:

  • Data flow monitoring in the Customer’s wide area network.
  • Implosion of monitoring and collecting processes concerning the revealed violation detection with thefollowing inspection and implementation of any decision form towards the revealed fact of violation.
  • Centralized database processing concerning the revealed facts of violation in policy security requirementsin any segment of wide area network.
    • Control process automation concerning policy security requirements assurance in the Customer’s wide areanetwork and organization in whole and in any of its division.
  • Cost minimization while solving the tasks targeted on data flow monitoring in the information system ofnew Customer’s far away business objects by simple and quick adding of the new network segment into thecontrolled area by means of already existing PAC.
  • The total control of the stuff work with the external recording and copying means on the workstations in allsegments of the Customer’s wide area network.
  • The prevention of transferring data out of network. It can be either private information or othercompromising information, which may do harm to the organization reputation or any other harm (discreditphrases about the management stuff, erotic, spam, etc.).
  • The control of the stuff behavior on Web resources, including their action outside of the controlled area inorder to trace employees’ dependability, political views, opinions, etc.

BG Enterprise key specs:

  • Monitoring of the wide area network is based on the MultiServers solution with the technology of data basesynchronization.
  • PAC has an open-sourced architecture with star-like configuration and unlimited scaling capabilities.
  • Inspection of data flows in the wide area Ethernet network and messages traffic between workstations.
  • Necessary data transmission protocols supervision (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, etc.).
  • WebMail supervision (e-mail, transmitted by the open-sources services:,, etc.).
  • HTTP traffic content inspection is based of hierarchical classifier (rubricator) which uses full-text searchquery language.

The content inspection includes the following options:

  • Deobfuscation (normalizing cloaked with substituted symbols or junk symbols added text);
  • Morphology;
  • Words order and words farness options;
  • Exact match search;
  • Mistyped words search;
  • Synonym dictionaries support;
  • Multiple languages concurrent analysis: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese,Vietnamese, Hungarian;
  • Formal requisite elements inspection on controlled objects.
  • The inspection of intercepted object of the following types:
    — e-mail sent by SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols or by WebMail services (yandex, rambler, mail, yahoo, etc.)
    — HTTP requests (forums, blogs, social networks, etc.)
    — file transferred by means of FTP and HTTP protocols
    — messages transmitted by such instant messaging server as MSN, Yahoo or any other based on IRC, OSCARprotocols (ICQ, Miranda, etc.)
  • All standard text file types support:
    Archives: ZIP, RAR, GZIP, JAR, etc.
    Office file types: DOCX, XLSX, PDF, TXT, etc.
    The appliance of signatures method to file type detection.

 Why should you choose BG Enterprise solution:

  • The individual schemes of information traffics logging for each segment of the Customer’s wide areanetwork.
  • The balance in upsizing and downsizing process principles of detection and prevention of private dataleakage in electronic form in different segments of the wide area network.
  • The unifying of security policy for all segments of the wide area network.
  • Open-sourced architecture with unlimited scaling capabilities independently on the Customer’s wide areanetwork structure.
  • The module structure targeted on the quick decision of the system integration tasks for almost all layoutvariant of the Customer’s wide area network.
  • PAC efficiency is not restricted in real time mode due to the scaling, which serves the prerequisites for thelarge corporations with geographically dispersed huge affiliated network.
  • Simple and flexible means of inspection rules setting allows to implement control in accordance with almostany security policy requirements without programming.
  • Flexible and powerful search and inspection engine, based on the documents contents inspection except fortheir attributes, security marks processing.
  • PAC is delivered with the set of pre-installed rubricators, targeted on standard task solving to provide datasecurity.
  • The reliable architecture provides data continuity and integrity.
  • PAC doesn’t affect the transmitted data in any operating mode.
  • Almost unlimited capabilities on the enlarging the supported languages list.
  • The stuff work inspection – while work with the external data recording and copying means – is carried outin case the employee is located outside the Customer’s computing network.

Terms and costs are hugely decreased if the Customer has less powerful Business Guardian line productsinstalled in his fleet: «BG Appliance» and «BG Standart». The change ofproducts is done with saving all police security settings and data archive.

BG Enterprise implementation

It is preferable that BG Consulting service should be used when implementing BG Enterprise on the Customer’s wide area network. What’s your advice for developing formative or benchmark assessments based on the common standards, given that the official common-core-aligned assessments are still under development