BG Consulting

BG Consulting is a complex of measures targeted on “Business Guardian” DPL-solution integration into ITsecurity system of governmental or commercial organizations.

ITERANET Company is ready to offer itsdevelopment experience within the abovementioned set of services in pair with its skills in field of complexIT security support systems integration. BG Consulting is an ideal choice for companies that want to resolvesensitive information leakage issue but have no possibilities to involve its own stuff to manage the project.

In case of choosing BG Consulting, a customer obtains: 

  • Our multiannual expert investigation and experience accumulated through years.
  • Audit of current business processes, the analysis of potential threats and recommendations about formingthe information security policy.
  • IT security policy development.
  • Fitting the products to fix information security issues.
  • Assistance through all the stages of shaped IT security policy realization.
  • Clear and standardized integration process.
  • DLP-system adjustment according to data and leakage channel specifications.
  • Development of additional DLP-system functionality to meet business requirements.
  • DLP-system integration in the current IT security structure.
  • Full package of technical documentation, information security policies description, user guides, rules, etc.needed for work
  • Training of Customer’s specialists to operate the system.
  • VIP-access to technical support service.

As practice shows, few companies can develop and integrate IT security system autonomously, as well asimplement all needed solutions. This can be explained by lack of required experience, internal resources,organizational structure specifications (it can be a wide affiliated network). ITERANET Company has fulllicense base and certified hardware and software tools for performing operations with different types ofdata, including National Security Information. Having choosing us, the customer can resolve issues relatedwith sensitive information leakage through various channels.

BG Consulting advantages:

  • A comprehensive approach in solving the informational system security issues inside and outside thecustomer’s infotelecommunicational network.
  • A single approach in providing information security. It concerns each customer’s information system andthe whole complex of informational systems used by the customer.
  • Company’s internal resources provide business process continuity, instead of working at integration.
  • It allows to create the flexible IT-security system due to the wide range of solutions offered.
  • Echelon security system development increases its reliability.
  • The service provider has all the necessary licenses and certificates.
  • A single provider offers full package of services and equipment. It reduces project costs significantly.
  • Offering a single technical support for all products used in the project.