BG Appliance

BG Appliance is a hardware and software suite based on Business Guardian DLP system. This particularproduct is a facility designed for a quick integration of DLP system into ordering company’s infrastructure.

BG Appliance can do following tasks:

  • The monitoring of data streams in computer networks belonging to small business companies
  • Protocoling of information exchange made with external organizations
  • Detection and prevention of information leaks and thus the protection of confidential data within thecomputer network
  • Maintenance of database containing the information about the detected cases of security policy violations
  • Automation of control over the realization of security policy and thus the safeguard of the computernetwork


The key characteristics of BG Appliance:

  • The monitoring of data streams within Ethernet network as well as the monitoring of the communicationbetween the workstations
  • Decoding of data protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, etc.)
  • Decoding of WebMail (i. e. the messages that sent through email services (,, etc.)
  • The traffic analysis based on classification of data
  • The text analysis taking into account the morphology of various languages
  • The analysis of formal requisites belonging to the monitored items
  • The analysis of the following intercepted objects:
  •  The email messages, sent by SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols or the messages, sent via WebMail (yandex,rambler, mail, yahoo, etc.)
  •  HTTP-requests (forums, blogs, social networks, etc.)
  •  The file transmitted via FTP and HTTP protocols
  •  Messages, sent via such instant message services as MSN, Yahoo or any other messaging system based onIRC and OSCAR protocols (ICQ, Miranda, etc.)
  • The supporting of all basic input file formats:
  •  Archives: ZIP, RAR, GZIP, JAR, etc.
  •  Office documents: DOCX, XLSX, PDF, TXT, etc.
  • The use of pattern libraries for file format identification


The BG Appliance advantages

  • Though BG Appliance is one single device, it supports all basic functions of DLP system – from informationretrieval to its analysis and doing reports that addressed to data security officer. Such immense operabilityis a great virtue of BG Appliance. Usually to have so big functionality there have to use several devices:some of them to ensure data retrieval and other for data management. As you can guess, using severaldevices instead of one in order to have the same functionality is not very handy and quite inconvenient.With BG Appliance the same work will be easier.
  • The Appliance technology provides quick and easy setup of hardware and software suite. This wonderfulfeature can critically reduce the ordering company’s spendings and thus ensure fast return on investment aswell as low owning cost. So, the Appliance technology can bring a great benefit to its users.
  • Using of BG Appliance doesn’t require any special skills from the ordering company’s IT-workers. This isbecause the using of BG Appliance as well as its integrity in the orderer’s network are easy andcomprehensible.
  • Due to the architecture of BG Appliance, it’s possible to replace its broken-down units for the good oneswithout any waste of time. Also, regarding this particular architecture the ordering company doesn’t need toadjust the newly installed mechanisms.
  • The BG Appliance has a powerful engine developed for data search and analysis. In contrast, with itsalternatives, this particular engine is able not only to analyze such parameters as a document’s attributesand security marks, but also can analyze the contents of a document. So, for this reason the BG Appliance ismore advantageous DLP system than all its existing alternatives.
  • The high performance of BG Appliance enables a real-time traffic handling with a speed up to 100 MB/s,which is fast enough for the rest of the small business companies.
  • The easy and flexible adjustment facilities allow not merely customize data analysis settings, but alsoadjust the control over the orderer’s network in accordance with almost every security policy that can everexist.
  • The BG Appliance system is always supplied with a set of pre-installed subject heading lists, helping toexecute common tasks, ensuring the orderer’s information security.
  • The architecture of BG Appliance is absolutely reliable and thus assuring the orderer’s data integrity andsecurity
  • The BG Appliance DLP system’s method of connection to the ordering company’s network completely shutsout the possibility of losing the internet connection in case of system’s breakdown or power-off
  • The BG Appliance hardware and software suite can work in a passive mode, which eliminates any impacton transmitted data
  • If the ordering company will develop and the sphere of its information security duties will subsequentlyexpand, the BG Appliance DLP system will be easily modernized into more powerful Business Guardianproducts. This step will be better than complete system replacement because the modernization will be muchquicker and it will save all the previous archive and security policy settings.


The implementation of BG Appliance

  • The BG Appliance is a dedicated device containing the pre-installed software the ordering company do nothave to buy any other software of hardware tools
  • The integration of BG Appliance into the orderer’s computer network implies the system’s connection in «the gap» between the orderer’s LAN and his provider’s facilities that serve for the Internet access.Furthermore, there’s no need to change any orderer’s network settings.
  • Usually the implementation of BG Appliance takes several hours after it was delivered to the orderer’senterprise
  • The physical basis of BG Appliance is a standard server machine, mounted in a frame that sometimes canbe a «table» construct. In turn, the server machine has the specific expansion cards that produce an effecton its working and functioning
  • The software installed on the BG Appliance server is a special version of BG Standard Gate program, whichfunctionality is enough for the using of BG Appliance DLP system on its ordering company enterprise