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Информационная безопасность банков

Business Guardian (BG) System’s Advantages For Banking Structures

  • Business Guardian monitors the the credit card and banking account number leaks as well as the leaks of other information consisting of numbers
  • Using BG it is possible to trace passport details even if some numbers are missing or written in document with spaces, hyphens and commas
  • BG provides a complex approach to solving the tasks related to Federal Law №152 «About Privacy Data Security»
  • BG protects from marketing and financial information leak, so that your rivals won’t even guess about your activity, and thus you’ll be a leader!
  • BG prevents the encashment offences, and that’s why intruders won’t know about the routes of your company’s cash transit vans and hence your money will always be safe.
  • Regarding Business Guardian your banking organization will be compliant with STO BR IBBS-1.0-2008, Basel III, FZ-98, FZ-152, FZ-395, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 standards

Why do banking organizations need information security?

Every year dozens of credit and financial organizations get confronted with confidential information leaks. Usually this information represents the personal data of organizations’ clients or the organizations’ internal documentation. It worth to mention that mostly this information gets stolen by workers of these financial and credit structures. But regardless of who steals the data, it’s always necessary to detect any leak on its earliest stage. And, the reason for that is very obvious… it’s time. The quicker a leak will be detected, the less time will have the intruder to use it.

But no matter how significant is detection of information leakage, its prevention is always more vital. As is well known, the leakage prevention implies closing a covert channel and simultaneous informing security team about the attempt of unauthorized access to the data. All these operations can significantly lower or even render null all possible loss from information theft.

Talking about the losses that caused by the information leaks, it’s important to understand that for financial organizations the reputation losses are much more significant than the direct ones. And also it’s worthy to mention that very often the banking sector organizations have a filial structure that broadens perimeter, which DLP system have to protect. In this particular case there’s have to understand that one single DLP software and hardware suite is unable to block all the covert channels that can appear in company’s information security system and hence, there always be some risks of classified information leaks. For the instance, such leak may appear while some company worker uses Fi-Wi.

In this particular case the worker may come home get outside the perimeter protected by DLP system. Thus, he can freely post his company’s confidential data in social network, on forum and elsewhere. So, the secret and classified information can be used by intruders. How to act in such situations? Business Guardian DLP system’s developers advice user their own security conception that not merely creates a secured area within the organization’s offices, but also expands it all over the web.