Advantages of the system

High efficiency allows to control informational channels with traffic speed up to 40 Gbps whereas the maximal information recording id guaranteed.

Scalability gives the chance of IS system Business Guardian extension together with the creation of telecommunication infrastructure of the organization, for example with adding new premises, additional workstations, with the rise of need of the centralized monitoring of the transmitted data.

The flexible mechanism of the content analysis provides high level of information leakage facts detection and minimum level of false triggering, which saves time of the analyst for processing incidents.

Friendly and simple interface of the software allows the analyst to create and set up rules of classification of any complexity level information without using programming skills.

Active mode gives the possibility to lock selectively the mail traffic and authorization attempts on different web resources on base of setup analysis rules by checking account data or gadgets.

The module structure of software provides the flexible setting of Business Guardian IS system according to the current telecommunicational infrastructure of the organization.

Interface language selection gives the possibility to choose Russian or English variants.

The analysis of information channels is conducted simultaneously on several languages (the base package include Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Hungarian languages).

The constant increase in quantity of supported languages is provided. The additional languages can be added in basу package according to requirements of system user.

Reliable architecture: the principle system building provides integrity and safety of data irrespective of the speed of a processed flow.

Complex approach towards the fight against information leakages provides the expanded tools for risk management and set of means for monitoring transmitted data.

Broad product line provides the adapted solutions created according to the requirements of different level’s customers.

The flexible licensing scheme provides the possibility of purchasing only needed functionality. This optimizes the cost a product.